Web Design

Creating a strong online presence starts with your website. Quite often, your website is the first introduction to your company a customer or client will have. You want to put your best foot forward. We work with you to make sure your website is designed and functions to meet all of your needs. When you get your website from us you get access to award winning designers, a site that will be the envy of your competition, and a site that is easily managed by you and your team.

Responsive Design

All of our websites are designed and coded responsive meaning they resize accordingly to every device screen. Desktop, Tablet, Phone; we got it.

Custom Websites

We work with you to create beautiful websites that not only represent your customers but increase producitivity within your company. We have worked with companies around the globe to build custom websites that help and represent their business.

User in mind

All of our websites are planned out carefully to maximize the user experience and usability. We want the website to fulfil its need. We reduce the bounce rate of your website and bump up your sales. Our awesome team will work with you to plan out a website that works for you!

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Graphic Design

Need a logo? Poster? Brochure? An entire branding package? No problem. Having something created from scratch or updating your current material starts with you. We want you to tell us what you need, then let our creative minds get to work. Your business is as unique as you and your team. Our designs will reflect that.


Your brand plays a very important factor in the world of business. It needs to be consistent and professional. We work together to create a color scheme, fonts, and even a brand name if necessary.

We are partnered with a top notch printing company who provides high quality print materials. We design and print buisness cards, flyers, posters, signs and if anything else - let us know, I’m sure we can help.

Consistency is Key

We grow branding beyond the mark. Our process delivers customized visual systems across various print mediums, including print/package design, advertising layouts, illustration, and more. This helps you maintain brand consistency across the board.

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Online Marketing

Your clients and customers ARE online. Are you? Is your current online presence putting you in front of your customers? If you don’t have a sound online marketing plan that speaks directly to your clients or customers, you are missing out. At Thunderstruck Sales and Marketing we will work with you to come up with a sound strategy that gets you noticed. From social media platforms, strategic online advertising, Google AdWords and e-commerce, we are able to target your customers directly to get you profitable results.

Social media has become an integral part of a sound marketing plan. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms can put you directly in front of your customers. We can help with a sound strategy to achieve this. Whether you need complete set-up and management of your accounts or would like us to assist with what you are currently doing, we have people on our team dedicated to making sure your social media presence is as strong as it can be.


Part of our online marketing is our detailed analytics we do for our clients. We can analyze your website and give you reports with basic visitor information or get more into depth with heatmaps, conversions, screen recordings from your visitors and find out if they even scroll down to your other content.

Google Adwords

An effective Google AdWords campaign allows you to reach your potential customers with laser precision. You can chose where your ad appears, right down to the neighbourhood. Not only will you reach customers or clients at the exact moment they are searching for a similar product or service, but you have full control of your budget as this is a Pay Per Click system. You only pay Google for ads that get clicked on. Our team will work with you to create an effective ad campaign using keywords that will reach your target audience increasing their chance of taking action.