Purely Gorgeous

Case Study

Purely Gorgeous is a cosmetics company that offers natural organic makeup and skin care product. When we met Purely Gorgeous, they already had a website, but had outgrown it. They were ready to take Purely Gorgeous to the next level and start offering their products online.
It was crucial that the Purely Gorgeous store was designed in such a way that customers could find their favourite products with minimal effort and discover new products with ease. And because of the type of products being sold, we had to be meticulous as to our accuracy when creating the colour selections. This led us to build customised Photoshop mockups to allow the product colours to be selected with accuracy and for new products to be added easily.
Purely Gorgeous is now able to sell their products to customers across Canada and make shopping more convenient for their local customers at the same time. Their website also serves as a POS and is able to track and monitor inventory; a tool truly designed to improve the day to day operations of Purely Gorgeous.

Editable Photoshop mockups allow Purely Gorgeous to control the accuracy of their products colours, and update them consistently when they add new products.