Opulent Spas & Pools

Case Study

Opulent Spas & Pools was founded in 2011 as a hot tub rental company that also refurbished and sold used hot tubs. Today, Opulent Spas & Pools is a retailer for a large national Spa and Pool Manufacturer. In addition to Spa and Pool sales, Opulent sells a wide range of pool maintenance products as well as offering in home maintenance services. As the business grew and evolved, so did the needs of Opulent. Before partnering with us, new customers were obtained through referrals and word of mouth, which placed limitations on the company’s potential growth.

The first step was creating a logo for Opulent as this would be the foundation for the growth of their brand. A number of different options were created and presented. The website was designed and developed to present Opulent as a company that offers quality and luxury at prices that are affordable to the average Canadian family. In addition to their logo and website, we designed and printed business cards and provided company apparel to round out their branding package. Today, Opulent Spas & Pools continues to grow and is seeing the benefits of consistent branding and a strong online presence.

Services Provided

Graphic Design
Web Design