Petroleum Tank Cleaning

Case Study

Petroleum Tank Cleaning (PTC) provides on-site cleaning of above ground fuel tanks and fuel tanks on farm machinery and heavy equipment. Blending biodiesel with petroleum refined diesel fuel is increasing the incidences of fuel filters clogging. This is a common and costly problem within the farming industry as well as any industry that uses heavy equipment. PTC’s solution for on-site fuel tank cleaning is a service previously not offered in the area. In order to grow the business, they needed to develop a brand as well as tools to educate potential customers about their company and the valuable service they offered.

Our first task was to develop a logo for PTC. Once this identifying marker was created, a website was developed. Because PTC offers a service not previously offered in the region, the goal of the website was to educate customers on the service PTC provided. One of the best ways to get this message across was to create a video explaining the problems contaminated fuel and a dirty tank causes, and the process and benefits of having PTC perform their services. We spend a morning with PTC on a service call to gather footage and educate ourselves on the process. Business cards and brochures were designed and created adhering to PTC’s brand and continuing the theme of educating potential customers.