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3 Easy Ways to Track Offline Ads

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Clients often ask us about the value of traditional media ads. It very easy to track digital ads through the use of UTM’s, landing pages, and just looking at your referral data in your website analytics. When it comes to something like print ads, it can be a bit more difficult to track, however it’s really not all that hard. Here’s 3 ways you can track!


1: Call Tracking

There are a variety of services that do a great job with this. We prefer to use Call Tracking Metrics. You can get as many phone numbers as you want, so you can assign a different phone number to each ad if you like, however more realistically you would use a different phone number per campaign, or per advertiser.

2: Landing Pages

Landing pages aren’t just for digital ads. It’s very easy to set up a landing page with an easy URL for people to go to. It can simply be, but make sure you make the last part easy to type into the address bar. Keep it to a minimum number of characters. Speaking of /offer, we need to give the custom an incentive to go to that page.

3: Promo Codes

Create a special offer that you’re advertising for. When you have an offer figured out that your customers will find valuable, we need to come up with a redemption code that lets us know where they came from. Your landing page can and should have a short form on it with a comment box to put in the promo code in. Simple!


See! 3 easy ways to track! So easy that this is a remarkably short blog. If you have any questions about this or if you’d like some help setting these things up, get in touch and we’ll help you out!