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5 Social Media Ideas for Manufacturers

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Working with manufacturers we have come across a number that don’t think they would have any valuable content for social media. If someone buys your products, you probably have content others would like to see. We’ve come up with the following list to help you generate content for your social media accounts. This blog will cover post ideas only, however other strategies should be taken into account such as posting times and social media ads.

First, let’s talk about the purpose. Lots of manufacturers that we’ve talked to have a feeling that social media is for everyone else, but not for them. The reality is there’s more than one reason to be on social media. The most obvious is to drive sales and develop leads, however this takes some time and strategy, depending on your product and the sales cycle. Other less obvious reasons are showcasing the business culture for recruiting, building goodwill through community support and involvement, and creating a human view of your business rather than a transactional view. Ultimately, this non-sales related content can in fact help increase sales through the overall generation of goodwill created by humanizing your business.

Here are some ideas for content, in rank order of importance and likelihood that they will generate engagement. The first ones should get more frequency of posting than the last ones.

1: The Transformation
As a manufacturer, you’re transforming something. Whether that’s turning oats into a granola bar, or creating a new look on a building with your windows, you’re creating transformation. Showing the before and after of the raw goods turning into something for the consumer, or showing the building before and after, this type of post will show people that you’re good at what you do.

2: The Process
Process content shows your followers how you achieved the transformation. Showing your oats going through cleaning equipment, then through a roller mill, meeting with other ingredients, and so on. Think about the show “How It’s Made” from the Discovery Channel. This show is dedicated to the process and has been around since 2001. This shows that people are interested in learning about how you do what you do.

3: The Heart
The heart of your company can move mountains. As long as you genuinely care about people, you probably have a wonderful team that you’re proud to show and talk about. You might also sponsor a little league team and support non-profits. Show the world. Show some smiling faces of your team, but make sure they’re actually smiling. With sponsorships and donations, there’s people on the receiving end that are likely grateful. People like to see other happy people which leads to good post engagement.

4: The Customer
If the products you make are worth buying, then you’re solving some kind of pain point for your customers. Prospective customers like to know that there are other people that have had the same problem as them, and that you’ve solved it. That’s why reviews are so influential. Create a post that shows a customer with your product and get a quote from them if possible, or simply tell their story.

5: The Deal
The urge is always to promote your business and try to make sales. Resist the urge. Save promotions for last. They should be infrequent. The more often you do it, the more it feels like watching commercials instead of the show you tuned into, and you’ll lose followers. Keep the pitch short and sweet, and infrequent.

There you go. A few ideas for you to get started on your social media journey. Be careful that you don’t only pay attention to your likes, comments, and shares. If you’re looking at social media as a channel that leads to sales, the only metric that matters is clicks to your website, and conversions into sales. If you need help figuring out how to track those leads, send us a note. We can help you set up your analytics to track leads.