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5 Things Your Dealers Need

Dealer Support, Strategy

Manufacturers generally take 2 different approaches to sales. Direct sales or selling through a dealer network. Even with a dealer network, manufacturers will still do direct sales in territories where they don’t have a dealer presence. Here’s a few tips for those that have dealers set up.

1: Dealers Like Co-op Ad Programs

A well structured co-op ad program is a win-win for both you and your dealers. It helps you effectively double the reach with your dealer ad budget. It also encourages dealers to get into advertising themselves if they haven’t really done much in the past. These programs are very simple to set up and by providing ad templates to your dealers you can remove objections they might have, and ensure consistency for your brand.

2: Order Incentives

Your goal is to make and sell as much of your product as possible while maintaining profitability. Your dealers want to sell your products and also make a profit. Creating an order discount structure is a great way to incentivize dealers to order a bit more than they typically do, and reward them with increased margins on their sales. Determining the discount levels is pretty simple once you review your average sale volumes.

3: Point-Of-Purchase Displays

Your dealers showrooms and storefronts are likely the first places customers are going to interact with your products. Having attractive displays, promotional videos, and take-aways like brochures, are beneficial to draw attention to your product and aid your dealers in selling more. There are very few exceptions to this rule. Pretty much every industry can benefit from some form of POP ranging from stickers to interactive VR displays. 

4: Information Binders

Yes, it’s the sexiest sounding thing you’ve ever heard. Well no, but it’s extremely helpful. If you have a product that can be customized and configured, you need to arm your dealers with all of the information they need to accurately spec an order for their customers. This also should contain all of your support program information and marketing materials made available to the dealer. The other benefit is that updates are extremely simple to distribute so the binder is always up-to-date. Remember to make the binders attractive. If your binder is on a shelf beside a competitors, we want yours to be the one the dealer reaches for.

5: Consistent Support

We worked with a manufacturing company on a branding project. As part of this project we interviewed a number of dealers ranging from great to poor performers. The company was very proud of their support to dealers and told stories of driving through the night to replace a broken axle in a farmers field so it would be ready to go again the next morning. They told this story often. Local dealers however were less than thrilled with them because they would jump to make these big trips 8 hours away to help a dealer in need, but they could barely get replacement bolts 30 minutes away. Provide consistent support to all dealers both near and far. 

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