A different kind of sales & marketing agency.

Nearly anyone can make average marketing tools these days; from logos to websites to social. Many agencies work in silos focusing on one domain, sales or marketing, each thinking it is more important than the other.

We transform your product or service from a one-dimensional commodity in the mind of your customers into a three-dimensional solution they can connect with, visualize using, and can’t imagine living without. After all, that is that ultimate goal, isn’t it?

Synergy is created when the sum is greater than its parts. Thunderstruck Sales & Marketing adds value through the synergy created by our Marketing and Sales teams working together, each from their own skill-set, to increase the bottom line. It’s a beautiful thing. But it wasn’t always this way.

Our Story

Thunderstruck began as a Sales company. We sold a variety of products to many different target markets using outsourced marketing services to support the Thunderstruck Sales Team. We quickly discovered the inefficiencies and disconnect of this practice which prompted us to develop our own, organic, in-house Marketing Team.

We recognize it is not common to have Sales & Marketing as part of the same agency and be specialists in both which is what sets us apart. It is the experienced selling skills capitalizing on creative and sound marketing strategies that adds value. That and an exceptional team, committed to providing a “Thunderstruck” experience for each client.

Our professional sales team know how to convert brand messaging into sales. It is our team that creates the ‘Thunderstruck’ synergy that puts our clients in a space ahead of their competitors. It is that unique relationship between sales and marketing, working side by side, that yields results. Our clients get results!

Jeremy Matuszewski

President & CEO

Thunderstruck Ag Division

When Thunderstruck Sales & Marketing began in 2013, there was one central goal: increase sales for our clients. We were sales focused and got results. Adding in-house marketing made us better.

As clients began to see results, the demand for sales & marketing services grew, particularly in the Ag Manufacturing sector. The Thunderstruck Ag Division was a natural outgrowth created specifically for the unique needs of Ag clients; many who were farmer-inventors who were also manufacturers.

Attending trade-shows representing non-competing Ag products was both economical and a great opportunity for client growth. It broadened exposure for new products, and their inventors, who wouldn’t otherwise have the means to market through a vast and well-connected agribusiness network represented by an experienced sales team.

Today, Thunderstruck Ag exhibits at dozens of trade-shows in the USA and Canada, both as dealer and distributor, with plans for expansion into Europe and South America.

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