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Being a Person of Integrity

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In business and life I value little above integrity. I enjoy doing business with people of integrity, and working with the same type of people. If a person’s word is their bond, trust can run deeper than if there’s a legalistic approach to everything. 

At one point a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ was the norm. This is no longer the case. This was the norm when integrity was worth more than money.

We do need to have contracts and agreements in place, and I don’t suggest that we do away with these things, as it’s still a matter of stewardship to ensure we protect ourselves and our businesses against the worst case scenario. The subject of integrity must go deeper than just how we make our agreements.

Who do you say you are? Do your choices align with this projected self image? Is the person behind closed doors, or the person in a different city where no one knows you, or the person given an opportunity to make a lot of money at the cost of sacrificing your values, is this person the same person you want others to believe you are? I truly hope so.

Integrity may not always be the most lucrative, but it’s EASY! To make the right choices means you don’t have to backpedal in conversations where someone has been called out on a lie. It means you already know what choice to make in a compromising situation. It means you know what kind of people you should do business with. It means you treat people the way you know you should treat them, both people you like and those you might not. Many good things stem from integrity, and if properly nourished and maintained, it will be the guiding light to creating a lasting legacy that leave others speaking well of you and creating a good name for your family.