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Things you need to consider when building the best business team

Biz 101, Culture, Strategy

Part of our business (any business) includes putting together plans for growth. The key to growth for us (again..any business) is the people we choose to bring onto our team. Our focus, when looking to add to our team is character first, skills second. 

A big part of how we bring team members in has to do with our values, and for us, TEAM is first. We must have a cohesive team that can work together, communicate well, and is driven to develop themselves on a consistent basis. Personal development is something we invest in, and that carries an expectation that our team is using that time and the resources to better themselves in a way that strengthens their skills in the business. This is a long term strategy to ensure that we get the right people on the bus (character) and then we figure out where they sit (skills). This is a reference to Jim Collins’ book Good To Great, which I talk about often. 

Let’s play what building our team looks like for us.  

“It starts with determining a position.  As you plan for the ‘Now’, keep in mind the next stages or growth. Maybe something very specific would fill a gap now, but what do you need next?  There are times where this need and the next can be answered in the same team member.

We then see what comes in.  We use the resources we have at our disposal to learn what we can about a potential team member.  This includes different aspects of their resume in relation to the position they’re applying for.  From there, we usually land on a bit of a ‘short list’.

During the interview process, we ask a lot of questions to get to know each person. The majority of the 25 or so questions we ask have to do with the person, not their skill set; books they’ve read, what gets them excited to get up in the morning, what makes them feel valued,  how they measure personal success. These give us small windows into what makes them tick. It also helps us determine whether or not their values align with ours as a company, which is a BIG component to building a dream team.”

Good to Great by Jim Collins

Having closely aligned values is extremely important, as it tells you where a person’s commitments and loyalties lie. At Helium, our values are Our Team, Our Clients and then Our Profits. We focus on our team first, because we know that a happy, thriving team best serves our clients, which makes for happy clients.  Happy clients will take care of the rest!  Because team is so important to us, it is typical that we will not be approached by an applicant that likes to work alone. We work hard to build a team that supports one another, building a great work environment that serves our clients well.

We believe having the ‘right body in the right seat’ to reference Jim Collins again has afforded us team members that bring both the character and the skills we need. We believe whole heartedly that we have a culture that is attracting amazing people that have both of these attributes that we hold in high regard. 

As a leader, keep in mind that you should be bringing in people that have fresh ideas on improving your business – and be open to their ideas. They likely have insights into processes that can be improved, better opportunities, and will help you define who your customers/clients are so you know where your business focus should be.

Your team will define what you can do and how you will do it.