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Chart the Course


It’s a new year, and there are 365 days of blank pages to fill with business, growth, connections and success. The possibilities are endless… and they start with you.

I’m not one for resolutions, but I am a goal setter, so let me ask you this: What goals have you made for YOURSELF this year? 

Ask the Questions

You could take that question about 30 ways, so let me simplify. If you’re looking to succeed in business this year, what plan do you have for your part? If you want to be a better parent, what plan do you have for yourself?  If you want to contribute more to your community (maybe join a board or serve as a volunteer), how are you going to see that come to fruition? 

I wonder if (or maybe I will state) the reason resolutions don’t typically work is because we make a statement, a claim, a promise… without a plan.

It’s easy to share with those around us that we are aiming to increase our business this year, get back to the gym, take the family on a vacation. We sound sincere, maybe even get a pat on the back for our stated ambitions… but then what? What are you actually going to do this year to make it happen, to see it through, to get your sales up, your butt back to the gym, your kids to the coast?

May I suggest the following to assist in making you plan for 2018?

  1. Write your goals down. Put them somewhere that you can see them often. This acts not just as a reminder, but triggers frontal lobe activity to find a way to ‘solve the problem’. Our brains are hardwired to take a goal or challenge and sort a path to accomplish it.
  2. Set a date.  If you want to take your family on a vacation, set a date for it. In business, doubling your sales is admirable, but by when? Dates and deadlines offer a measure to your goals. If by the end of the 2nd quarter your sales have not increased at all, you know that the next two quarters will require an intensity to reach your goal. 
  3. Make a plan. Once you know where you want to go, and when you want to get there, chart the course. On a GPS, you don’t just see where you are and where you will end up, but more importantly, you see the path to get there. That is where the year happens. That is where the success happens. 

The Disclaimer
Success and hitting your goals in 2018 wont just take ‘3 easy steps’, this will take hard work, intention, and purpose. Count down from 5 – 4 -3 -2 -1 and make the decision to attack your goals daily; to commit to the plan and see it through. December 2018 would look amazing if you do!