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Future Thoughts


This weekend read will be short and sweet…but should act as a thought-provoking reminder.

It should be no secret that planning for success will set the path for it.  You need to see where you are going to be sure you actually get there. It is no different than planning a road trip – the GPS, or googlemaps is consulted, and you determine which roads need to be travelled on to get to your determined destination.

We would suggest that there is an element of future thinking that is involved here.  You know where you want to end up, you determine what you want to do when you get there, or even why you wanted to go there in the first place.

So here’s question…are you speaking, thinking and acting according to where you want to go?  

In our office, that looks like goal setting, financial planning, team hiring plans (for the next stage of growth, and the phase after that), physical location needs (again, for the next phase and the phase after that) and a multitude of other considerations.  We know where we want to be, why we want to be there, what it will likely take (at least in part) for us to get there, and the additional people and things that need to be added to what we currently have to achieve it all.

Here’s the second question…are you already there in your mind?

Have you started to talk like you have double the staff you do now, twice the office space or inventory; are already reaching that next demographic?

If you’ve not thought about it, and are not in the process of preparing for it; if you don’t know what the next step in success looks like…

…why not?