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Hey you, Chill out. 3 Things you Need to do to Stay on Top of your Game

Biz 101, Growth, Strategy

This is as much a reminder to myself, as it is advice to pass along to others. Take some time off. 

As an entrepreneur or business leader, it’s extremely easy to keep rolling without stopping, but it’s important to take time for yourself, rest, recharge, and reset. 

1: Sleep

While for some that might seem obvious, it’s still very easy to forego an hour or two, a couple of times a week. In this post by World Economic Forum, a quote by Professor Rebecca Spencer sums it up. “Sleep keeps you on an even keel, and when you don’t sleep, things go bad fast.” Her research has found areas where sleep pays direct dividends to the quality of work you do. 

2: Take A Day Off Every Week

In this article on, they explore 12 reasons why a day of rest is scientifically beneficial to you. The benefits are mental, physical, and emotional in nature. If you’re involved in a startup, small business, or working on scaling, there’s a good chance that you’re feeling the pressure to work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. This isn’t sustainable – you will burn out. You need to stay sharp and you can only do that by taking a day off every week to recharge.

3: Take A Vacation

Sleeping well and taking a actual weekend off go a long way to improving overall wellbeing. Taking a vacation ramps up these benefits in a huge way. This article by Psychology Today outlines a study and advantages that a vacation can have for you. As a reference, they found that the consensus is as few as 4 nights on vacation is enough to bring benefits from the added rest.

To sum up, here’s a couple positive results rest will get you on a business level (for those of you committed to sacrificing your mind and body for the business).

  • Make higher quality decisions
  • Have greater clarity of mind regarding the state and trajectory of your business
  • Have a more consistent/controlled emotional state when dealing with your team and vendors

That’s it. Rest. Take time to chill out and recharge, and commit to it. I will be working on this too.