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How Big Are You Dreaming

Growth, Strategy

I had an interesting conversation with a gentleman today, and it made me think about a talk I recently heard, which also made me thing of Walt Disney. 

Walt Disney had a dream for a theme park. He was turned down multiple hundreds of times before he got the funding he needed. He had a big dream and saw it so clearly that after each time he got knocked down by naysayers, he got back up and kept pursuing his too-big-to-be real dream. Oh, and keep in mind that Walt went completely broke and had nothing, and then built the Disney empire.

A talk I recently heard revolved around the idea of “whatever your dream is today, double it”. This echoes what so many accomplished business men and women say at the end of their lives. Peter Daniels, one of if not the wealthiest man in Australia has spent time with many of the business elite in the world when they are on their death beds. He asks them if the have any regrets. Among other answers, almost every time, they respond with “I didn’t dream big enough”. 

That brings me to my conversation today. I spoke with a man that has a HUGE dream that he is chasing 100%. He’s not just dreaming with his head in the clouds. He’s attacking his dream head on and has been for over 5 years already with another 4 years at least before the dream manifests into reality. He’s pursuing it with tenacity and all of his language today pointed towards a certainty of accomplishing this dream, which could be determined to be as lofty as Walt’s dreams were almost a hundred years ago. 

I am being challenged. I thought my dreams/goals were already big. Now to double it. It’s kind of uncomfortable to dream that big, as once you start dreaming, as a business person now you need to start connecting the dots and create the roadmap to get there. But that’s what we need to do. Dream. Plan. Succeed. Let’s get there together and share our successes along the way!