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How much does a website cost?

Design, Development

This is probably the question we get asked the most. It’s like asking “how much for a car?” The answer isn’t a standard number. What do you need to do with it, and what do you want to do with it?

It’s the question we get asked before anything else; often before we learn the client’s name. It’s not a fault, it’s because most people have no idea what goes into building a great website. If they’ve never been through the process before, they really have no way of knowing.

The purpose of this blog is not to harp on those that don’t know, rather to arm them with some information to bring before asking the question and to understand the process that we and likely other agencies follow to be able to give a real number.


Be prepared for questions such as:

  • What are your goals for the website?
  • Are you trying to get leads for sales?
  • Is it an information hub for customers? If it is, do you need that information to be protected from the general public? (If that’s the case, we’ll need to build a login system.)

Part of understanding your goals is also understanding your competition. If we’re competing for the same customers online, this means we need to have an emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO). If it’s strictly a hub for customers, SEO is much less of a concern.


  • What types of information do we need?
  • Are we targeting multiple industries or customer segments?
  • Are we talking about the history of your company?
  • What makes you different from competitors?

Really we need to start with figuring out the site map of the website and have an idea of the types of content on each page.


Website copy and imagery will need to be created or gathered. There are a couple of options here; you can create bullet points of information, then we write the copy based on that, or if you prefer, you can hire a copywriter to develop the written content. In either case, we would need to be involved in order to make sure that we’re satisfying the SEO requirements with the copy to be competitive on search engines.

Any photos on the website need to be high res. We work with professional photographers to get the best possible photos. Video content is also a huge component and should be considered as well.


We don’t touch design until we have all of the content; once we do, however, it’s go time. If you have an established company, there’s a good chance you have a brand standards document, or at the very least some history of design that we can pull from. This ensures that the website will look like a cohesive part of your brand.

Aside from that, in the design phase, we create something that reflects your goals, like a highly contrasted quote button that is always visible on the page.


Once you’ve approved design, it’s straight over to development. We build the site and once we’re about 90% done, we provide you with a development link to start looking through everything. This ensures that we haven’t missed anything in the previous phases, and gives you an opportunity to make final changes.

In total, our process has 9 phases for creating a website. For us, and many other agencies to create a quote, we need to first wrap our heads around the goals, information, and content requirements before we can quote it.

The best way to make sure everyone is on the same page is to sit down over coffee and chat it out. So if you’re looking at getting a new website, let’s get some coffee!