Helium Blog 20170908


Communication, Strategy

Influence is defined as the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself. It is synonymous with words like clout, control, impact, leadership, reputation or significance among many others. I’m certain we have all read about, encountered or heard about influence…but what does it take to become a person of influence.

There are three things that contribute to becoming an influencer; your character, your purpose and your passion.

Would you agree that the key to being an influencer starts with being someone worth listening to?

This typically takes intention, a admirable skill or achievement and more importantly at the core, a presence that is recognized to build into others. When I think of those I see as great influencers, I think of attributes like selflessness, consistency, integrity, a servant attitude, commitment and humility.

Being a person worth following must come before having a message worth listening to.

As the world become a smaller place, and our reach goes farther, people generally have learned to recognize genuine from that laced with ulterior motives; what I mean to say is that people can smell a fake from a mile away…maybe more. Those listening will be just as concerned with your motive as with your message. People of influence let their purpose speak through their motives as well as their message.

Passion…we all have one…and I’m not talking about a product or a service. I’m talking about the reasons behind the product or service. The solutions, providing quality, supporting a cause. My son has a passion for trains…it’s all he thinks about and in the same way, an influencer has a very clear focus and direction that acts as a thread woven into all they do and say. 

Maybe your passion is wanting the best for the people around you and that comes through in the way you serve them, maybe its leaving each person you encounter better than when you found them by providing viable solutions or products that make that part of their life better. Maybe is the language you choose with your customers as they get an unexpected bill. 

The thread of your passion determines your purpose and makes the things you do worthwhile.

It’s what sets you apart in your industry, within your company, among your colleges. It acts as your drive and foundation and it’s the true mark of a great influencer.

So go out and be, go out and do.