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Intelligent Marketing

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Intelligent marketing is our focus.

We define this simply; measure what you’re doing and make adjustments to improve on it.

Building your Marketing Stack

There are a lot of tools out there in the world to make these tasks, and our lives easier as we do so. The trick is sorting through the host of tools out there, which can be overwhelming and there is often a costs associated with each. This won’t be a ‘here’s everything you need to know’ kind of post, rather a helping hand to prioritize and choose the best tools. This would be a guide for those folks that are very fresh in this marketing world. Putting these tools together is what’s commonly referred to as your ‘marketing stack’.

A quick search of this term will yield some fantastic visualizations of how businesses build their stacks and the many tools out there.

To Start

Start with the easy parts.

Website analytics will give you information that can change the way you promote your business. If you’re not sure if your offline ads are having any impact, look at how and where your website traffic changes when you run radio, newspaper, or direct mail. Google Analytics is a free resource and when you understand what you’re reading, it can yield amazing insights.

Bulk email services like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact make the email game better. Aside from being able to manage lists of contacts and deliver personal emails (without having to write that email dozens of times over) you are able to track how many people open that email and how many click through to where you’re sending them. This allows you to build better, more compelling email content and subject lines.


Tracking effectiveness of ads also means tracking phone calls. Using a call tracking service like Call Tracking Metrics, Call Rail, or Avanser, allow you to use different phone numbers for different placements to see how effective your advertising dollars are. Generally speaking, you will pay a monthly fee for each number, and a per minute call rate. Reports tell you where you’re getting calls from and enable you to make better decisions on where to spend those marketing dollars.

Companies in almost any B2C (Business to Customer) market are impacted by customer reviews. Tools like Birdeye, Yext, and others listen to what customers are saying on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yelp, and a heap of other platforms. See what people are saying about you, respond when you need to, and get more reviews from your happy customers.

This is all wonderful information to have. It’s even better to be able to do something about it.

Having a centralized tool that you can plug everything into in order to keep your information neat and tidy, all in one place is fantastic. Something like Cyfe would do the trick for many. We use a tool built for agencies that has a few additional tools that build value for our larger clients.

Building a marketing stack is no small task. It will take time, and will require change and fine tuning. The end result of all the work is that you will be better equip to make marketing decisions, bringing you more qualified leads for less money.

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