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Intentional Growth

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Not sure how this happened, but my friends at Helium Group asked me to write a blog post for them. I would like to state that I am NOT a writer, and am kind of intimidated by this entire process. English class was a LONG time ago, and I really didn’t do very well, especially when it came to writing essays. So I hope they have a good editor on staff, they may need it. ☺

I’m Al Ruttan, a John Maxwell Team Executive Director – I’ve been certified by John and his team to coach, teach and speak using Maxwell’s material. I consider myself blessed to be a part of John’s team – he is truly a great man with incredible talent, and to be mentored by him and his faculty is really an unbelievable experience. 

Oh man, I’m only at 140 words and they asked for 500!! (may be in over my head) Maybe I should dictate this and then Sherri could transcribe it for me? What do you think Sherri? I can hear her now, saying ‘no Al, type it out’. 

All kidding aside, I want to talk to you today about something that is important to me – Personal Growth and Development. I’ve read dozens of books in the last 2 years as I’ve been on this growth journey (and not just Maxwell’s books) and there is a consistent theme – you have to be intentional about what you want. 

Whether that’s growth, finances, achieving your dreams, goals and desires, working on your marriage – intentionality is needed to move forward. Intentional means to do something on purpose or deliberately. I think too many of us do what I did for so many years and just assume we are learning as we coast through life. I, for one, cannot coast any longer. I did that for decades. Now, my focus has become that purposeful and deliberate action, boldly stepping into my future. 

Besides intentionality, there is another key to your growth. ACTION! What action are you taking today to facilitate growth in your life? Reading another book that has lots of great information that you won’t put into practice? Listening to another great motivational speaker that you get all fired up about, and then forget about the next day – no action on what you heard? Attending another seminar, taking pages of notes, only to fall back into old habits when you get home? I’ve seen this happen over and over. John says, (paraphrased) STOP IT!! Stop wasting your money on all this stuff if you aren’t going to put it into practice.

So what can you do if you are trying to be intentional, but find yourself failing? What if you find yourself putting action in, but a few days later falling back into old habits? You need to learn to have DISCIPLINE! 

I know, that’s an awful word – for a person without any. But if you want success in life, if you want to achieve those goals, dreams and desires, then you need to have it! Without it, you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes, fall into the same bad habits, and experience the same frustration you’ve always experienced. So before you buy that “newest” book, go back to the last personal growth book you read – pick it up, dust it off, and find one or two things you can implement in your life today! 

Intentionality + Action + Discipline = ________ (you fill in the blank) 

Whatever that blank is for you, I know it will be great!! How could it not be? You are an amazing person, with unlimited potential! And yes, I do say that to everyone, because everyone does have unlimited potential, but it’s up to each and every one of us to develop it. 

If you are stuck, and if you feel like you are not able to stay focused on this personal growth journey, then get someone that can help you. Join a Mastermind Group, hire a Coach, find a mentor. Do something!! 

Now go – dream big, set some lofty goals, and put some disciplined action behind them – you will succeed! 

Phew – did it! 694 Words!!  

Big Love