Helium Blog 20171020

My Next 30 Years

Development, Growth, Strategy

If you’ve never stumbled upon 30x30byfoilco.com, then you’re welcome for telling you about it.  The premise is this, in celebration of 30 years for Foilco, They asked 30 of their team members to give themselves advice (what I would tell my younger self).  Let me tell you, if you are on the verge of giving up… spend 5 mins or less here and you’ll be motivated to keep pushing on!

This idea got me thinking… it’s not uncommon to see notes to our former selves, and reflection is important…but what about our future selves? 

Is there not more to be achieved in spurring on our future selves? 

I think that all too often we miss the opportunity to encourage ourselves into the places we want to be.  This comes in setting goals for ourselves and planning, but there is something to positive self talk that can completely and confidently change the trajectory of our path.

So…here is what I would tell my future self…

Don’t quit
Be brave
Stand up for what you believe, but don’t hurt others in the process
Be true to yourself
Remember who you represent (my mom always said that to me as a kid)
You can do more than you think you can
Model the way for your kids, your team, your community
Be a leader, not a manager
Don’t forget your roots
When you say ‘yes’, follow through with all you have
Make time for your priorities first
Relationships are everything
Champion all people and have faith in them
Choose your words, make them count and let them be few
Let your actions speak the message you want to give

We live in a society that is constantly competing for our attention, and the message is often of comparison. I think that more of us need to start telling ourselves the story narrative we want to follow.

As much as I love the motivation of looking back and sharing what I’ve learned, I want also to motivate my future self to go even farther in this adventure we call life and business!

What would you tell your future self?  (I would love to read your advice to your future self…feel free to comment!!!)