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Design is in everything we do.

Good design takes intention, and is the result of the beautiful and the useful coming together. Form and function partner to communicate a message, drive sales and bring awareness for your audience. What we know is that quality design is always cheaper in the long run than settling for ‘good enough’.


Brand is responsible for the first impression, and every impression after that.

Everything from the way you answer the phone, to your logo and which fonts you choose for your website work together to create your brand. Brand is the result of intentional planning, and should represent everything about you to your customers.

Your brand identity is made up of all the elements used to speak to your audience. This includes brand decisions like how you use your logo, voice and tone, colours, typography, and imagery. These elements come together and are fine-tuned to communicate your message effectively across all platforms.

Iconography used for HeatmasterSS brochure Thunderstruck GIF of different iconography made up for HeatmasterSS


Icons (or an Iconography) is a collection simple illustration that help to visually communicate things like values, processes and services. More than simple drawings, these elements should align with your brand.

thunderstruck illustration of Semi Truck Thunderstruck illustration GIF showing a Semi truck, a Gravel truck and 2 homes


Illustrations can open up new possibilities for plain text information. Not only does a well placed and designed illustration make information approachable, but it acts as an extension of your brand personality.

harval homes website on multiple devices

Website Design

Design determines how your website will look, speak and function. Using text, imagery, strategic layout, design brings the character of your brand to life online. Trends have continued to change with website use; from predominantly desktop use, to tablet and mobile use, good website design is intentionally laid out to function (and look great) on all devices.


The voice and tone of your brand tells your audience who you are. Different industries use very different sentence structure and verbiage, and finding your unique voice makes your brand you. From highly corporate terms, to conversational language, knowing how your customers want you to talk to them is a valuable piece of the success puzzle.

mockup image showing the Diamond Doors brochures


Reach your audience in a personal and tactile way using print marketing. With the correct focus, print media can be the best way to communicate your message. Collaborate with us for innovative designs that bring smart and practical results. All of our print work is available in a variety of stocks to best meet your needs.

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The use of photography and videography is essential to every platform of communication. Coupled with design, a video can better talk about a product or service than plain text information or still images. Photos that adhere to proper lighting, proportions and best practices can build a resource bank that can be used across platforms for years.

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