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Development & Apps

We build custom websites, and use trusted content management systems for our clients to easily perform text updates, post blogs or news items, change photos, and more should they choose.

Developing a well functioning website should be focused on user experience. Visitors should always be the gauge for success; making sure your customers are never more than 3 clicks away from the information they’re looking for. It should function as your audience assumes it will and offer an effective way of engaging with you, your product or service, and ultimately lead that audience down a sales funnel to interact with you.

A well-developed website will be better prepared for SEO, respond better to varying screen sizes, be more secure to threats and add capacity to grow your business.

Mockup image showing the Harv's Air website both on desktop and on mobile versions


Over half of online searches take place on mobile devices. Responsive design and development ensure that the user experience on your website is consistent, regardless of the device you use.


An online store give you full control to sell products of services, with the option to accept payments instantly. Add products, manage inventory, payment methods and shipping; all through a simple content management platform.

Web Apps

Custom web applications solve unique business needs, like automating inventory, dealer sales, international shipping and multi-site management to name a few. Automating these processes can help reduce bottlenecks in business, and help you achieve the next level of business.

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