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Digital Marketing

Our unique approach to digital marketing builds your customer base, allowing you to focus on what makes your company great.

Digital advertising is a highly targeted approach to get the right message to the right people at the right time. When used in conjunction with a well functioning website, (and/or dedicated landing pages) your audience ends up where they expect to be, and finds what they expect to find. This is the goal; to customize solutions guaranteed to attract more sales leads.

Strategy acts as the roadmap to accomplish this goal; knowing your audience, their behaviours and where they’re already looking for you and the products and services you offer. How the plan is executed may change over time as we learn and grow with you, but the goals set stay the same. Once we know where we’re going, we plan, adjust, and readjust to get there!

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Social Media Management

Social platforms have become a powerful and necessary tool in business. Your audience is looking for more than just your product or service – they’re looking for the community you represent. They want to know why they should partner with you, and how you respond/react and what you share allows your audience to align with your values and mission, and feel good about partnering with you!

Let us put our expertise to work in managing your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts in a way that sounds and feels like you. We prepare monthly calendars with content and imagery to review with you and make sure that your audience hears you. Our process is built on review, best practices, engagement and increasing your online presence both organically and through paid efforts.

Google Ads

Targeted ads, based on habits, demographics, geolocations and other determining factors can help you engage your ideal audience accurately and efficiently.  Following a sales funnel process, ads will direct your customers to the information they need and products and services they want, while allowing us to track their buying habits to better direct our ads efforts in the future.

Event Based Advertising (EBA)

Build momentum while you’re at trade shows and events with targeted Event Based Advertising. EBA allows your audience to find you locally, engage with you before and during trade shows, and allows you to keep them up to date with event details.


Let us create online advertising campaigns to create awareness for your product, service or event. Engaging and targeted ads directly connect you to your audience, utilizing locations, interests and look-alike audiences that grow your reach.

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