Charley B’s – Menu

Menu Redesign

The redesign of the Charley B’s menu was an important undertaking in organization and branding. As the restaurant’s most often used communication vehicle, it was important that this menu was intentionally designed and organized. We placed a focus on Charley B’s value proposals, Local Farm Fresh food and larger than life flavour. We developed an illustration style to help accomplish that. Illustration allowed us to have full control of style, colour, character and embellishment, which made for a stronger and more effective tool than photography.

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THSM 076 web portfolio CHRB menu 4
THSM 076 web portfolio CHRB menu 5
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Item Branding

One improvement made to the old menu, was to highlight the character of some of their most exciting menu items. This involved illustrating them to appear larger than life, and give these items brands of their own that hold the same character and flavour of the food. The Big Bad Wolfe for example played on the classic children’s tale of the 3 Little Pigs with a wolf burger and wind-swept typography.

Takeout Menu

The Charley B’s takeout menu is an extension of their on-site menu, designed and printed in-house at Thunderstruck.

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