Building Valley Fiber’s brand was an exercise in restraint and refinement. We knew we wanted to communicate the speed and vision of the company, but needed to steer away from relying on cliches in order to build a strong brand system. The result is a lightweight package that became recognizable and synonymous with fast internet in their market.

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Brand Standards

Valley Fiber was planning on going from 0 to 60 very quickly, and we knew we had to do our best to build a brand that was prepared for that type of growth. Their brand was catalogued and documented so that it could communicate with consistency and vision. This Brand Standards Guide describes the colour, typography, illustration, collateral design and more for their brand.

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When used properly icons can help speed up communication while giving brands a voice. Valley Fiber’s icons were illustrated specifically for their brand and needs, using the dual lines in their logo to unify the icons. Built on a grid for consistency, these icons are a family that help communicate the values and offerings in their brand system.

Print Design & Production

Better internet for everyone means reaching everyone. One way we helped them reach every household in the service area was by designing door hangers. These effective little tools could be produced quickly and cost-effectively. With a Guide to direct the branding, these door hangers were designed consistently and effectively.

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