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A tour of our web design and development process.

Web Design

In designing this site we knew the region needed to be a priority. Southern Manitoba doesn’t always get the credit it deserves for being a vibrant region with plenty to do, so it was important that this design accurately described and highlighted what the region had to offer. Allowing each listing prominent photo space in every layout was paramount.

Web Development

From the beginning this site was developed with a modular focus. From a back end perspective we made it easy to update listings, and just as easy to rotate through the various listings highlighted on the home page. On the front end we made each listing interactive, allowing users to get directions, contact info, or social media profiles with one tap or click from each listing.

THSM 076 web portfolio MWTO 2
THSM 076 web portfolio MWTO 1


When it came to communicating the vibrancy of this region, part of the responsibility fell to illustration. In order to highlight our regions variety, we needed to illustrate a variety, so a simple style was developed that could be utilized across the three categories of the site: STAY, EAT and PLAY. These illustrations were useful in not only communicating a bustling and vibrant area, but also in designating attraction listings by category.

Print Design & Production

With the website firmly established, it was easy to develop a look and feel for the print marketing. Placing a focus on showing real activity in the region, we designed and printed these cards to be displayed at hotels and restaurants.

THSM 076 web portfolio MWTO

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