Hutterite Surplus – Classifieds Directory

The online marketplace for Hutterite colonies.

Web Design & Development

The Hutterite Surplus website has long existed as the online marketplace for Hutterite colonies to advertise want ads and goods for sale, but it was desperately in need of an upgrade. The site was hard to navigate, had limited sort/filter/search capabilities, and mishandled listings with more than one image. The new site resolves all of these drawbacks, gives more control and privacy to the users, and opens the door for display ads to be sold on the site, generating revenue for the inventor.

Custom Capability

It was important to design this site with a wide arrangement of search/sort/filter options. Allowing potential buyers/sellers to navigate easily to the listing they have in mind will increase the success of the site and give posters a reason to post their ad here.
The website manages customer information privately. Formerly posters would put their personal data in the information field unprotected. Now posters are able to keep their phone number private if they so choose, and are emailed privately from the website so that their information stays secure.
Display ads can be sold on this site, helping bring in revenue to cover the costs of hosting and maintenance on this website. Currently ads are sold privately with the potential to integrate ad platforms like Google Web Ads.

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