Thunderstruck Ag Equipment

Web Design & Development

Our priority in designing this site was to give our sales team a modular tool to sell in any season. By designing a variety of instances to display product content on the home page, this site functions in all seasons, highlighting the most popular products at any time. The product pages are designed to be the central hubs for each product’s individual information, allowing each product page to be more effective, and freeing the rest of the site from confusing clutter.

Instant Quoting & Retail Portal

The Instant Quote tool gives our company the power to start a sales conversation with potential customers. When a customer requests a quote an email is instantly forwarded to them and a dialogue is opened up with our sales staff.

Our Retail Portal is the hub where we manage all of our orders. It is fully integrated into our website and CRM where we accept payment and manage orders and shipping.


To highlight some of the exceptional properties in individual products, we turned to illustration. Illustration allowed us to single out and better demonstrate these features. Stylized to suit each brand, these illustrations become useful beyond the web, in print and social media as well.

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