MacTech MFG

Creating a brand toolbox just as tough and versatile as the product itself.


MacTech came to us at square one. They offered manufacturing processes that can hardly be found elsewhere, but with no brand or website they found it was tough to drive interest in these processes. We started by building them a brand that represented them well. Something tough and robust, the likes of which you might see stamped onto the side of their unique WWII era manufacturing equipment. This brand was made to be versatile and made to last.

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Web Design & Development

We knew we needed to focus on the unique industry-leading processes offered at MacTech, but that would also need to be blended with the agriculture products they sell. The solution is a design that allows them to communicate both products and services differently, getting the best layout for their information. This site was designed to respond to all screen sizes, and easily editable with a WordPress Content Management System.


We chose to rest on illustration to depict MacTech’s unique processes to allow us to control the perspective, dark/light contrast, and style of the images. Knowing machine shops are often tight spaces, illustration proved to give us the control we needed. Styling these illustrations consistently helps communicate the strength and ruggedness of the MacTech brand.

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Print Design & Production

Print design and production are an important part of the package for any business. When developing branding a business card is often the first natural extension of that visual brand. These cards were designed and printed in-house, double sided on 100lb Pacesetter Coated Cardstock.

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