When branding the Winkler Whips, we looked back on the history of baseball in Winkler and ultimately Manitoba. The original Winkler Whips were named after the Winnipeg Whips, a AAA Minor League team that played two seasons in the early seventies. The Whips brand pays homage to that history with a modernized re-interpretation of the old Winnipeg Whips W. Specifically designed to work well on a ballcap, the logo and subsequent jersey design instantly set the Whips apart from their competition as the best-dressed team in the league.

Print Design

Along with being the best-dressed team in the league, the Whips brought a forward-thinking approach to marketing their team. Their program, designed and printed in-house by Thunderstruck, gave them an opportunity to sell sponsorships and create fan loyalty. On the back we included a neat scorecard for the baseball fans that like to take part in baseball’s most unique fan tradition: scoring games live.

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