Helium Blog 20171110


Biz 101, Strategy

I had the pleasure of being in a short meeting with a fellow business person this week and what I thought might present an opportunity for partnership turned into the beginning of a great business relationship!

What we discussed in our meeting I will not share, but what I learned about business relationship I certainly will. 

Business Neighbour

We have not been shy about using the phrase ‘business neighbour’ and it’s one that our leadership believes in.  There are providers of the same or similar service in our community that are perfectly positioned for some clients, and we are better suited for others, and there are others still who are well suited for another.  Each of us does what we do a little differently, but we all carry the common thread of providing and striving for excellence. 

In the same way, there are business neighbours that might offer just a portion of what we offer, but in a different way that might, through a partnership serve our clients even better. 

If we choose to see our neighbours as likeminded business people working toward the same goal we are, we no longer think in divisive terms, but start to build connections instead. 

We are proud to partner with a number of local service providers in a number of industries, and those connections are helping us bring our level of service up for those we serve.  We have also had the pleasure of serving some of those providers that serve us, and it has created what I would consider to be the healthiest business eco system I can imagine. 

To be more to the point, can we take things one step passed business neighbour and start thinking in terms of partnerships?  Can we build relationships in our community that truly benefit those we serve in the best way? 

Your Playground

If at the end of the day, providing the best of whatever it is we provide is the goal, then partnering with others who can help is a no brainer!  If you think about the industry you are in, liken it to a playground.  There are many kids, and a couple play structures. Shy of a monopoly, you will never find that all kids go to one structure. There are ones that like to slide. Those that like to swing will swing and so on.  When you look at your industry in those terms, partnering with the other ‘structures’ in your playground only serves to create a better experience.

I challenge you to start a conversation that will serve your client better through partnership you might not have considered!