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The Boundary Trails Clinical Teaching Unit website and rebrand needed to communicate to prospective 4th year residents that they offer a progressive and desirable program to participate in.  The website takes into account that students will be on their smart phones at the CaRMS event, checking out their various programs before making their selections.

In receiving feedback from the client, we had confirmation that the project did exactly what it intended to do. We increased quality traffic on the website, with engagements that have turned into applicants.


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I just wanted to let you both know that yesterday was the first day of CaRMS interviews and the info night. Our chief resident and Dr. Earl were there at a booth and had the website on two laptops scrolling through for interested candidates and they also launched it officially at the info night presentation. Nothing but fabulous responses about the site! Apparently there were some very jealous programs and tons of positive comments from all candidates about how simple, pleasant, classy it looked!

Program Assistant, Boundary Trails Clinical Teaching Unit (CTU)