Title image for EchoPay showing color usage & primary logo


EchoPay has been a mobile money option for citizens of the USA for years, and when we were approached to partner with them on a playful, approachable and modern brand, we jumped at the chance. This extraordinary team of out of the box thinkers have not only created a great system to take back your finances, but have been a total pleasure to work alongside as we built this brand and website from the ground up.

Image showing design of the EchoPay Debit Visa card

Mobile Money for All.

We wanted to stay close to the original logo, so this circular nod to the OG kept the brand recognizable, but fresh.  By adding vibrant colour and associated details, the brand has grown from a tone-on-tone highly professional look to an eye catching and approachable feel that keeps the loyalty the brand has built in tact.


EP Homepage Desktop EP Tablet Layout EP Mobile Layout
EchoPay design showing primary logo, badge logo, and colour uses
Designed Information Sheet about transparent fees for EchoPay
Designed information sheet for EchoPay's "Sign up a Partner"


Echo Navy

CMYK 96, 97, 23, 13
RGB 45, 46, 104
HEX #2D2E68
Pantone 101-15 C

Free Blue

CMYK 67, 00, 21, 00
RGB 29, 202, 211
Pantone 121-6 C

Joy Yellow

CMYK 00, 06, 87, 00
RGB 253, 218, 36
Pantone 115 CP
CMYK 11, 09, 04, 00
RGB 223, 223, 232
CMYK 29, 25, 08, 00
RGB 181, 181, 204
CMYK 49, 43, 14, 00
RGB 139, 139, 175



Body Copy


KHULA Type Specifications used for EchoPay brand

Merriweather Sans

MERRIWEATHER TypeSpec used for EchoPay's branding
Mockup image of EchoPay's mobile application showing 3 iphones - each with different screen of the app
2 Mockup images showing EchoPay's design for Envelopes and Business Cards
EP CardCarrier mockup