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Six Forty One Homes

Through the years we have had the opportunity to partner with 641 Homes on a number of different projects. The new website was launched in preparation for the 2015 Parade of Homes. This new, updated website provided the same information, as well as new homes and designs in a fresh way that was visually appealing and easier to navigate. Since then, Helium has continued to make updates to the layout and structure to continue to make the online experience with their brand a positive one.

Brothers Andrew and Joel, along side brother-in-law Mike, began serving the community by providing small renovation construction services and observed a need for uniquely designed projects. With a passion for meeting this need, and the knowledge to do so, the concept of 641 Homes was born.

641 Homes built their first home in 2004 and have been gaining momentum ever since. Andrew, Joel and Mike have a dedicated and skilled team of 12 consisting of an Architect, Project Managers, Designers, and Builders that share their passion for modern homes.

Their vision is to offer their clients an unsurpassed personal building experience. In order to create your perfect modern home. They feel it is crucial to leave no idea untouched.

Our job was to speak to this in every aspect of their current and future clients online experience.


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641 – Parade of Homes

Part of the experience online was to create a tangible connection between their online following and the homes they build. This was achieved in the first ever 641 Parade of Homes; a parade of exclusively their builds that spoke to the wide range of modern homes they have created with their homeowners. Each offered specific elements that both suited the unique design of the home, and the personalities of their owners. The one day even toured over 200 people through more than 10 of their homes, creating an even stronger following, and new home build sales that are still being built today.

The Helium team took ownership of the vision set by 641 Homes and partnered in creating branded print meterials, merchandise, signage, and custom elements for the homeowners as well.

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