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Winkler Bible Camp has been a summer camp destination for young people in Southern Manitoba for decades. Branding is important even for not-for-profit organizations and as WBC expanded, they realized a rebrand was necessary to keep the camp moving forward. One of Pixels’ other clients was on the Board of Directors and recommended Pixels to help facilitate and execute the project.

A rebrand is a huge undertaking, and the partnership Helium has with the camp made the process as smooth as possible. A new website was incorporated in the rebrand and has resulted in a significant increase in online registration of summer campers. Custom online registration tools were developed in order to streamline the registration process for campers as well as internal staff. The new website allowed for a 49% increase in traffic during registration week over the previous year. The overall image and online experience is modern, refreshing, and most importantly, keeps inline with the core of who Winkler Bible Camp is.


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Winkler Bible Camp Brochure
Mockup image showing different print work created for Winkler Bible Camp


Pantone 3262 C
CMYK: 73, 0, 37, 0
RGB: 15, 186, 178
Pantone 298 C
CMYK: 64, 10, 1, 0
RGB: 64, 180, 229
Pantone 380 C
CMYK: 17, 0, 87, 0
RGB: 219, 227, 65
Pantone 361 C
CMYK: 75, 4, 100, 0
RGB: 63, 174, 41
Pantone 1375 C
CMYK: 0, 41, 100, 0
RGB: 63, 174, 41



Body Copy

Permanent Marker

permanent marker font showing all letters and numbers

Franklin Gothic Book

franklin gothic book font showing all letters and numbers

Franklin Gothic Demi

franklin gothic demi font showing all letters and numbers

Franklin Gothic Book Italic

franklin gothic book italic font showing all letters and numbers