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Winnipeg Harvest has been a community based organization with a goal of collecting and sharing food with those in need. They offer training opportunities to help people step out of poverty and have grown to a recognizable organization. They came to us years after a hosting partnership was built to help them create and online presence for both their clients and donation partners.

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Our website wasn’t mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, interactive or represent what we do here well. Our clients couldn’t find the information they needed on our website and caused extra work for us. Helium designed us a beautiful website! It represents our brand, is accessible, mobile-friendly, and engaging. Immediately after launching, our bounce rate dropped from our average of 58% to 3.5%. Visitors to our website browse longer and view more pages. Information is easy to find for volunteers and clients, and when they do have questions, they can submit them through the new contact form. Thank you Helium for your creativity, expertise, professionalism and insight! We are so proud to send people to our new site. – Jennifer