diagram of red puzzle piece in the middle of many white puzzle pieces



It is not a rare occurrence that we hear our clients say “I just need this one piece now, and I will think about the rest later”.  Legitimately, for this week or month they do only need that one brochure designed and printed, that one trade show banner designed and ordered, that one page on the website changed…but what about tomorrows needs?

Our advantage is that we have seen many rounds of needs, and have seen how they all play together.  You have likely heard us say that every brand is established on consistency, and this is true or EVERY touch point in a brand, so even though today’s project is one brochure, next week or next year, might have us revamping five brochures that were all made without the big picture in mind.  

Strategy is the answer….always.

Just like a puzzle, each piece fits in with purpose to create the entire picture. It is hard to think about the big picture when you’re just starting a business, and maybe even more difficult when your business has already ‘stood the test of time’, but in an ever changing landscape, we constantly ask our selves a couple questions.

  1. What is your Brand?

    The consideration here is about who you are more than what you do.  Of course, we have to be industry appropriate (pink is not often used in manufacturing), but there is an intentionality that needs to be considered for your audience; how do they talk, where do they shop, how do you relate to them, what is your advantage for them specifically.

  2. Does this match your brand?

    In cases where we are working in an established brand, we have to consider new ideas or design in light of who your audience already knows you to be.  Rebranding is normal and often necessary for companies to stay current with their audiences, but it is typically not a great shift in colour or design. There are constants that need to keep your new designed rooted in the company they are to represent.

Whether you’re new to business, or have been in your industry for decades, strategy must remain the constant.  With each new product, new service, new design or message, and assessment against your business’ goals have to be at the forefront to continue building consistency.

We position ourselves to consider the end at the beginning to make sure that every part of your brand and who you are as a company makes good sense. Regardless of how you put the puzzle together, each piece needs a place that contributes to the overall picture of your brand.