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When success is the worst case scenario

Development, Growth

It may have been twelve or so years ago when my husband and I first started digging into business, leadership and educating ourselves on both. We were told to always consider three things.

What if you fail and loose it all?

What if you just barely makes it?

What if you succeed? (and succeed big)

What I have found in the following decade is that many, if they were honest, would say that the most terrifying of the three is success. If I were to flesh the three out for myself, I might say the same…and here’s why. 

We intrinsically fear that which we do not know…and success always means being somewhere we’ve not been before. There are unknowns, risks, challenges, the need for others to step into what we can handle now, but are not poised to handle then.  And then there’s change.  What works today will likely need to change as growth and success happen. 

To a lady who is well aware of her not so low levels of OCD and a strong need to “handle it” the thought of success has been something to both process and grow into. What can we do to shift or reframe our mindsets to accept the challenge of success?

I think there are a couple of keys to keep you sane (that’s a big one), and allow your businesses and relationships to flourish.

  1. Lead – lead well. Be the first to train your team. Educate always! Be the first to admit when you’re wrong. Be quick to give away praise or recognition. Be the type of person your team wants to follow, and take them with you in success!
  1. Learn your limitations. When what you could do before is no longer something you can or should continue doing now…stop…or at least limit it.  Double booking yourself is both embarrassing and off putting.  It is not a sign of status to be busy, it is a sign of poor planning.
  1. Set your priorities.  There are people, events and activities that should always come before everything else.  Set those now, whether you’re starting your journey, in the middle or seasoned in where you are.  There will come a day when all the things we worked for settle and we have time to reflect. Make sure on that day that you have kept those you want to celebrate your success with close enough to want to celebrate with you!
  2. Step aside.  Sometimes you just need to get out of the way of your business’ success.  How many times has it been that a company falters when that one pivotal leader steps away.  If you put any stock in points 1 through 3, you’ll have trained a successful team, brought on key people to fill the gaps and be allowed to step aside to allow what you’ve grown to flourish!