The Plan

The Plan

Biz 101, Strategy

When you were a kid, what did you want to ‘grow up’ to be? What the answer was matters slightly less than the fact that we were allowed to, and even encouraged to dream! As we got older, we were told to ‘get our heads out of the clouds’…but isn’t that where we want to be? As an entrepreneur, your mind doesn’t follow…it wanders, it ponders …it ‘what if’s’ or ‘we should’s’. That’s adult for dreaming, and this is where the path to genius begins.  

Genius is really just being the first or only one doing something that no one else is doing….that obviously is not extensive in its definition, but what sets a genius in business apart? The risk, the stepping out, the precedent setting? In the case of Walt Disney, although he passed before Disney World was completed…he saw exactly how it would be. The key here…and call if whatever you want…is a dream or vision for what could be.

Our leadership team has been making a practice/habit of dreaming. Whether it be about where we want ourselves to be, businesses opportunities we’ve not pursued but dream of, ambitions, betterments, have all been part of this…and there is no limit. Sometimes the things that seem out of our reach today are the very place you find yourself in the future….but that takes something else….goals.

In addition to dreaming, we have a room in the office (we affectionately call The Cave) with wall filled with paper, stick notes, timelines and our dreams…and we’ve written them as goals, with dates. We’ve decided that some of these things would make our business, our lives better.  

The science of the brain is such that once we visualize, and then see these dreams and goals on paper, our subconscious engages in the background; it begins ‘working them out’ at a higher level of cognition than our frontal lobe can. You’ve heard the phrase ‘It’s been on my mind’…that is your subconscious attempting to sort the problem/opportunity for you in the background (so to speak). 

So…you’ve now allowed yourself to dream, to envision these things/places/changes. You’ve written them out and given them substance, set goals and timelines…now what.  

Now you plan.  

I would encourage you to allow yourself to dream. Even just for five mins a day. Make a timeline to see some or all of those things come to be…and then make small, manageable shifts to see them happen!