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There is no “I” in team

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…finding the ME in a shared vision

I have spent the better part of the last 12 years studying leadership styles, success plans, goal setting and the like.  As it would turn out, in the quest for bettering myself, it was only this last week that I saw something in the literature that I had never noticed before. 

Goal setting is selfish! Now, hold on a second and let me continue.

Finding your path, finding your ‘lane’, setting success goals and building yourself as a leader is all about you…and it should be!  It should be a quest to be the very best version of yourself; to best identify your passion and your purpose and then position yourself to get there!  (Passion, purpose and position…that sparks another blog…but I digress…)

Once on your path to success, have you ever found that you might need a team to support your goals? I have. Especially if your goal includes numerous skill sets, yours will too. My goal is to create a different way of doing business and to build a platform where I can encourage others in business.  To influence everyone in my reach (whether 1 or 1 million) in a way where I leave them better than I found them!

Simon Sinek, in his book Leaders eat last addresses this idea. One of the bigger thoughts for me was that as we set vision or work towards a goal, there are a couple of considerations (not compromises) that need to be made on the road there.

He goes on to say that for leaders, as we protect our teams, we build trust. There is freedom in trust. Regardless of the perimeters we as leaders need to set for our teams, if we have trust, we still create an environment of freedom and safety within the framework we have set. 

If you have a goal that requires a team, a shared, inspired vision is the only way you earn the right to keep your team on the way to what you have identified as success.  It takes effort to connect with them. It takes a genuine desire to learn their goals and accomplish them while you travel the road you set out together. 

I by no means profess to have figured this all out, or that I am walking this out perfectly, but I know the goals of my team.  I know that they want to travel, that they want to learn a foreign language, that they want to purchase a condo, that they want to buy into a business that they can proudly promote, that they want to get married, learn new skills, buy a project car, empower and influence people.

I guess in the end the following can be said: Do you find success in helping your team succeed?  Maybe the greatest joy in reaching our goals is being part of accomplishing the goals of those we take with!