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Time Well Spent

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I have just finished reading (ok…I listened to it…thank you Audible!) to Cheryl Bachelder’s Dare to Serve.  First, what a great read!  If you lead (you do by the way…even if it’s just you), you can learn some valuable things about risk, reward, change, team, growth and a number of other things.

She writes the book based on reflections and her ‘dare to serve reflection’ #40 really hit me…so much so that I went back and listened to it a couple times.

How will you use the opportunity for influence that you have been given?  Will you dare to serve?

The Math

Lets start here….you do not need a title to lead (a thought we’ve shared before and the premise of one aptly named book).  As a contributor in the workplace, title or no, the following thoughts apply.

The equation of your potential of influence as a leader in the workplace is as follows:

Employees x hours at work x weeks a year = your potential influence time

so, if you have…

5 full time employees direct to you, you have 10,000 hours of influence.

50 full time employees, you have 100,000 hours of influence.

500 full time employees that you lead, you have 1 million hours of influence.

The Possibilities

If you think about it, (and Cheryl notes it as well) as a leader, you will spend more time with your team than they will spend with their parents, their spouses, at their churches, with teachers, neighbours, friends and even with their own kids.  On this scale, leadership in the workplace holds phenomenal potential for influence.  Couple your allotted time with intention and you can accomplish amazing things.

The Challenge

I will, rather than reinventing this thought, leave you with a taste of Cheryl’s thoughts…

Your Leadership actions will change lives for the better, leave them unchanged, or,regrettably, leave them worse off.

Which will it be?

You have some important decisions to make.

Will you humbly serve others our your own self-interest?

Will you pursue a daring destination for the people?

Will you help others find meaning and purpose at work?

Will you teach others the guiding principles of serving others well?

Dare to Serve, final chapter “Call to action” Pg 154

Ask yourself…as a leader…what can you do with the hours of influence you’ve been given?