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Today our accounts team attended the Archangel Summit in Toronto. This was an exceptional experience with some heavy hitter speakers. It was great, celebrity status business speakers and entrepreneurs…

But now what? We have heard people give advice. Some of the best advice isn’t new advice. It has to do with patience. Take your time, learn your craft, build your business. There are too many “wantrepreneurs” out there that want everything, and they want everything now. So what do we do? So much advice from so many people.

Implement what you can today. When you learn something new, it’s often like trying to take a sip of water from a fire hydrant going full tilt. Start with what you can handle. Work on the 1% change and scale up as you can. Yes, it would be super and wonderful to implement everything you’ve learned in one shot, but what does that look like in your business? Do you have employees? The new system will likely result in changes that touch many people in your organization. You don’t want to instigate a mutiny, so be smart about your changes.
The worst thing you can do is nod and say “Yes! This was great!” and then forget everything you learned when you wake up in the morning. I trust if you’ve committed to learning, you’re also committed to change. Do it. Change. But change smart.

If you’d like to learn more about implementing change in your organization, send me a message. Let’s chat.

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