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True Customer Service

Biz 101, Communication

A few months ago I did what so many customers do, I sent a message to the service provider with an idea of how I could better be served with their product/service.  To my very pleasant surprise, the answered back in a way few seem to be answered.

Here’s the story…

We use an online accounting software and it is great, but as is any public product that serves so many individuals for so many purposes, there are things I could use that were not built into the system.  Doing what I always do as a person that loves learning and growing, I sent an email commenting on a process or function that would serve our form of invoicing very well and potentially take time out of my process and build in budget accountability.  All that matters very little for those lost in the jargon.  What does matter is that they emailed back with further questions about how I would see this function integrating into the system.

Already, I was so impressed with their response and service, which tells me two important things; one, we as a customer base are not used to our service providers hearing us or taking our suggestions to heart, and the other is that good customer service builds valuable loyalty with little effort. 

So, I come away from the experience thinking, “wouldn’t that be something if they added that function.  We’ll at least they took the time to ask me about it”.  Fast forward a couple weeks and I get a call from our representative asking me to be on a Skype call with their designer and developers to see if what I had suggested weeks ago functions as I had expected it to.

They actuall took my suggestion and built the function

I cannot assume that there had never been another who had looked for the functionality I had requested, but I got to be on the call, I got to run through the functions, I got to suggest adjustments that might better serve how we intended to use the program.

THIS was unexpected, but such an amazing process to walk through with their team, and just weeks later, they released the function in a program update. 

THIS. THIS is why Apple has people in tents outside their locations a day before a new product launch. This is why a family for generations will purchase the same brand of truck, or from the same brand of farm equipment.  Being part of this process was just as important as having the function available to me.

If you want to serve your customers well, hear them, engage them in conversation, and if it makes sense, take their suggestions to heart (with action).  It’s amazing what bringing your customers into the process can do to your brand (and your bottom line).

Now that you made it through the entire post, I will answer the question i’m sure you’ve all been asking…which software do you use????

Thank you to Heide and the entire team at Quickbooks; for the unexpected  Skype call and for the valuable addition that I will use over and over and over again!