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What are you doing with all that data & content?

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I’ve had a couple of awesome conversations recently with business people that both have very good problems in different areas. One has a pile of incredible content, but no time to do anything with it. The other has a pile of great data, and no idea what to do with that either. It’s two distantly different problems with two very different answers, that hardly seem like they fit in the same post, but we’re going to do this anyway. 

Too much content:

This is one of the best problems I’ve ever heard of. In this case, the company simply doesn’t have the bandwidth internally to focus on using it. This is a rare problem, especially considering it’s long-form video content that anyone would love to have. The single most obvious answer is to publish it all to YouTube. Doing this correctly, with a detailed description and call to action for what we want the viewer to do is critical. 

The call to action can and should also be included in a bookend once the video has finished, as well as onscreen links where applicable. The second thing that should definitely happen is to cut up clips from the videos and post those to social media. These clips, depending on what’s happening, can be anywhere from a handful of seconds to a few minutes. Something like regular Instagram posts will have post restrictions to 1 minute, however, IGtv does not have the same restrictions. 

Another great tactic would be to post some of these shorter clips to stories and save certain ones to your Instagram highlights. This should be done based on the subject. TikTok (as much as some people wish it didn’t exist) does exist and is something that anyone marketing to Millennials or Gen Z needs to consider the platform seriously.

Depending on how much content you have, it’s a good idea to pace yourself and not put everything out there in one shot. Save some content up for the “dry season”, if you have one.

Too much data:

This screams “opportunity”. Years worth of website analytics, social media followers and newsletter signups equate to a ton of data that should be poured over. So much can be determined that points in the specific direction for the business. 

For example, if we see a high number of website users in a single geographical area with similar attributes, we can develop low-cost digital ad campaigns that target that specific user group and get them converting on the website. 

Another prime example is that if one product is getting far more attention than others, float that content to the top. Perhaps a dedicated spot on the home page, develop a promotion for a product bundle if that product pairs well with another. 

Data tells us what people are actually interested in. Not only that, but it yields great insights into who is interested in each product. 

These two things (content and data) come together in marketing in a big way. As marketers, we must understand what the customer is truly interested in, and break down any barriers that stand in their way. 

We also need to produce the content that answers their questions, not to tell them what we want them to see and hear. Deciding what content to focus on can largely be determined by the data that exists, and once that content is produced, keep watching the data to see if you’ve hit the mark or if you need to course-correct moving forward.

If this resonates with you, let’s have a conversation and uncover some pots of gold in your data, in your content, or both