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What have you learned?

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It’s Friday, what have we learned?

I would like to challenge you to as business leaders and as team members to evaluate your positions.

As managers we need to ask ourselves these questions:

A) Have we done a good job in casting a vision and motivating our awesome teams?

B) Do we have the right people on our teams? 

As a team member we need to ask ourselves these questions:

A) Is our leadership really leading us?

B) Are we exercising our gifts and talents? 

In reality, there are a number of other questions we can and should ask ourselves, but let’s not overwhelm ourselves if we’re just starting on this journey of self exploration.

To be clear, I am not suggesting that you need to quit your job or fire a bunch of team members. On the contrary, I’m suggesting that you search for the purpose of your position, of your business and with that knowledge and understanding, lead. 

When I say lead, I’m speaking to both team members and managers. 

If there is a sense of unity or working on the same level, a different position can be achieved.  A bond of community will be realized, and working towards a common goal will take place. 

The key to all of this is a relinquishing of ones ego (digging further into that is a topic for another day).

Today is Friday.  A good day to reflect on the week and ask ourselves these questions: 

A) What are the opportunities we missed to find or provide meaning? 

B) Did we plug away at our boring job like every other week, OR…

C) Did we ask our leadership for vision and a sense of understanding in how our contribution is absolutely critical to the business (and to the big picture)?

D) Did we continue to give our team members a task list of things that needed to happen, OR…

E) Did we encourage and uplift them; tell them that without them business can’t do what it set out to do?

To break through the all too often cringe of the Monday morning alarm, to a place of knowing your real meaning and motivation is a collective initiative. This invisible line in the sand between management and team members MUST be erased to the extent that there is a mentality of two separate teams. Yes, management needs to provide leadership and direction (and at times correction) but to really get to the heart of the matter we MUST create a strong vision, buy into that vision, cast that vision, and move forward with a focus like never before. 

If where you are as a team member cannot provide you with that vision and purpose, then stop waking up with regret and terror of the day to come, and do something about it.