What stays the same

What Stays the Same


I recently heard something great from Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos. In an interview he mentioned that people always ask him what will change in the next 2 years, the next 5 years, the next 10. 

He then expressed to the interviewer that no one has ever asked him what will stay the same.

He has built, and continues to built the Amazon empire on things that will stay the same. Yes, this does mean adopting and implementing new technologies and resources, however always with the mindset that they need to satisfy the things that stay the same. For Amazon, the things that always stay the same are these; People want as wide a selection of products as they can get, they want to get them as fast as they can, and lastly they want to get them for as little money as they can.

So for you, what stays the same? Do the values of those you serve stay the same? If so, then we are always working towards satisfying those values, and only adopting those new things that are in alignment with that. Applying a few fundamental concepts alongside this all work well together. The “hedgehog” concept and the “lane” concept along with the “things that stay the same” concept all work together to ensure that your business stays on one track, doing it’s one thing extremely well, and to the value of your customers.

This obviously sounds easier than it is. Surprisingly few businesses really understand their customers. That is step 1 to making any of this work for you and your business. Take the time to understand your customer. This will require much research to get through all of the words and distractions and intentions, to get to the real core of what matters to them. The thing that stays the same. Find this thing, and zero in on it like Jeff and the Amazon team.