Blog May 5

Where You Want To Be


I had a conversation with a client yesterday that went a little like this….”If you want to get to Alaska, there is a clear and definite direction. If you would rather end up in Florida, you can’t take the same path to Alaska to get there.” The context was regarding choice and the principle of cause and effect. It sounds very elementary, but stop and think about that for a second in light of where you are now, where you want to be and the steps you are currently taking!

What should be common sense seems to take more intention when we think about the fact that in life, in business, in our relationships if we know where we want them to end up or progress to, there is a clear path to accomplish that. That path requires intentional steps in the right direction. Intention…it’s something I talk about a lot. It’s something a number of leaders talk about, and it’s that simple but impactful moment when we take control of a choice and make it work for us.

Let’s keep this short and sweet. The key in getting to where you want to be is first seeing that place and setting before you. Whether it’s a physical place, growth in a relationship, progression on strength training at the gym, or any number of business goals, see them… tell yourself what they are (I want to be in an office building twice our current size by 2018, I want to decrease joint pain by working on strength training or mobility exercise, I want to have a stronger marriage). From there, a path is identified (I need to increase sales by ??%, I need to get to the gym consistency, I need to spend more focused time with my spouse)…all you need to do is keep the path before you and take the first step. If you want to know where to start… start at the start. One foot in front of the other.